Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Turtleback Black Nylon Holster w/ Heavy Duty Horizontal Metal Belt Clip


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Protect and keep your phone at an arm’s length with the always functional rotating nylon pouch holster from Turtleback made specifically for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.


This holster case features an ergonomic design, with premium neodymium magnets that ensure a secure closure. The magnets are hidden inside the case’s flap and lock quickly and efficiently every time you fold the case. This closure style guarantees quick access to your phone, meaning that it will always be ready to use and accessible at your hips. Also, the case has a bottom cut-out that allows the phone to be pulled more conveniently from the holster. The magnet style boasts excellent functionality and security, always keeping your phone safe by your side.


A removable and rotatable metal belt clip serves as the holster’s attachment device. It can be attached and removed easily, just insert the clip upside down on the D-ring that is located at the back of the case and lock it into place. The rotating belt clip can be swiveled to your liking and convenience. It is designed to clip tightly to belts for security, so this case will stick to your hip even when walking.


Interior Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.26 x 0.55 in.



Key Features

  • Premium Nylon bonded with polymers for dirt resistance and durability
  • The pouch can be securely attached to your belt with its durable Metal heavy duty rotating metal Belt Clip
  • The Interior Soft felt fabric protects screen
  • Easy release rare-earth neodymium magnetic closure system
  • Designed and manufactured in Sylmar California USA


Samsung: Galaxy S20 Ultra

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