LG G8 ThinQ ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass CURVE Elite Tempered Glass Screen Protector


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ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite screen protector adheres fully to the entire device screen ensuring impact protection and a flawless response to every tap and swipe.


You can handle any curve that comes your way, so can your phone with the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite screen protector. With the shock absorbent layer, this full screen adhesive solution preserves touch sensitivity and enables outstanding screen protection.


 Zagg InvisibleShield Glass plus VisionGuard screen protector


Superior Touch Sensitivity

Tempered glass adheres fully with the entire screen of the phone for greatly increased touch sensitivity.


Shock Absorbent Layer

The shock-absorbent layer helps prevent the impact of a blow or a drop from reaching the devices screen.


Custom, Curved Fit

Precision-cut and meticulously curved edges ensure a case-friendly fit.


Smudge Resistant Finish

A long-lasting smudge-resistant finish reduces smudges from fingerprints and keeps the screen crystal clear.


EZ Apply® Technology

With EZ Apply® Technology and advanced adhesives, you can simply install your screen protector fast and accurately.

Key Features

• Smooth, tempered glass
• Custom, curved precision fit
• Superior touch sensitivity
• Impact/scratch protection
• Shock absorbent layer
• Smudge-resistant finish
• Fast, accurate and bubble-free installation
• Limited lifetime warranty


LG: G8 ThinQ

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