Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OEM White S Charger Kit

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Now you can charge your Galaxy Note 3 without plugging and unplugging a cable every time. Thanks to the wireless charging back cover and wireless charging pad, keeping your battery charged is so much easier. Its compact design means that the charging pad uses minimal tabletop space and the handy LED indicator allows you to check charging status quickly at a glance. Now that it’s wireless, charging is effortless. 

Use the included micro-USB cable to plug into the wireless charging pad and into your existing wall adapter or computer. With the Wireless Charging Battery Cover attached, simply put your Galaxy Note 3 onto the Wireless Charging Pad—and that’s it...charging made simple. Put the pad on your desk, in the kitchen or anywhere in the house or office so anyone with Galaxy Note 3 and Wireless charging back cover can charge their handset. 

*Samsung Wireless Charging Pad delivers outstanding safety and is Qi-certified by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), reducing power consumption by minimising heat generation and increasing charging efficiency.



• Charge your phone without plugging it in
• Check charging progress with the LED indicator
• Enjoy safe and simple charging
• Use with the Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging Cover
• Voltage: 5V





OEM charging pad, S cover and Micro-USB to USB cable





Samsung: Galaxy Note 3

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