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One Smart Sticker That Saves You Money...

Goes on top of your existing sim card – NO MORE SWITCHING SIM CARDS
When you’re at home, the sticker remains dormant. Upon arrival abroad, the sticker automatically activates and switches you onto the KnowRoaming network.

-Roaming can only be used on unlocked phones: iPhone 4 (and above), Android 4.0 (and above), Windows Phones, iPads, Android Tablets
-Automatically switch to a local provider on arrival
-The sticker is dormant while at home unless making calls out of the country
-Up to 85% off voice and data abroad
-The user’s local number appears on the recipient phone
-Monitor usage in the app or corporate portal

LONG DISTANCE- Replaces calling cards 
-The SIM sticker intercepts a call dialed to an area code outside of the user’s home country and connects through the KnowRoaming network
-Save up to 90% off long distance calls
-Long Distance calls are made through the native phone dialer
-The local mobile number appears on the recipient phone
-All calls are made through voice for better quality service
-Long distance can be used on locked or unlocked GSM phones
-Monitor your usage in the app or corporate portal

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